Social Sector Communications

For third sector organisations, now is the time for engagement and awareness. Integrated communications, inclusive of sector relations, classic media activity, and web communication, is the road which will connect you to different kinds of audiences and help you to establish a rapport with them. 

With fierce competition for funding and limited budgets available, third sector organisations need smarter ways to manage their communications for maximum benefit while minimising process costs. Securing best value has always been a pressing concern, but forward-thinking organisations understand the operational and productivity gains they can achieve by having of an effective communications system in place.


Good causes need great storytelling to thrive.

There are at least four possible reasons for the overall lack of great communications in the social sector. The good news is that avoiding or fixing these issues is relatively easy and can make a dramatic difference.

By taking chances, having high standards, making long-term commitments to improvements, and defining and then measuring success, social sector organizations can create powerful communications and be in a better position to draw in supporters of all kinds, shape narratives, and solve important problems.

Creating great stories does require resources. However, many organizations that aren’t producing great messaging are already spending the amount it would require to do so—they just are not focusing their energy properly. Putting more resources into communications is smart, but it will only pay off if organizations strategically aim those resources at truly innovative, masterfully crafted campaigns that stand out.